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Research Experiences for Undergraduates: Integrated Machine Learning Systems

We thank our sponsors for their support of our research program:

  • A. H. Fagg, D. P. Miller, L. Ding & T. Kolobe, NRI-Small: Robot Assistants for Promoting Crawling and Walking in Children at Risk of Cerebral Palsy, NSF National Robotics Initiative, Award Number 1208639 (10/1/12 - 9/30/15)

  • R. Rennaker & A. H. Fagg, Ensemble Coding in Olfactory Cortex, NIH ARRA Supplement (subcontract from UTD) (5/1/10-4/30/12).

  • L. E. Miller, N. G. Hatsopoulos, A. H. Fagg & S. Solla, Development of a Bidirectional Brain Machine Interface, NIH Bioengineering Research Partnership (subcontract from NWU) (5/1/10-4/30/14)

  • T. A. Kolobe, A. H. Fagg, D. P. Miller, P E Pidcoe, J. A. Stoner, Prone Locomotion in Infants with or at Risk for Disabilities, NIH (subcontract from OUHSC) (8/15/10-8/14/12)

  • Development of a Bidirectional CNS Interface or Robotic Control, National Institutes of Health (Northwestern University subcontract), 05/01/05 - 04/30/09, NWU-050257 / NIH NSO48845

  • A. McGovern, A. H. Fagg REU Supplement: Integrated Machine Learning Systems Oklahoma EPSCoR, 4/1/2009 - 8/31/2009

  • Fagg, A. H., McGovern, A., Fierro, R., Hougen, D. F., and Lane, T., REU Site: Integrated Machine Learning Systems, NSF/CISE/IIS 0755462, 1/01/08 - 12/31/10

  • McGovern, A. and Fagg, A. H., REU Supplement: Integrated Machine Learning Systems, Oklahoma EPSCoR

  • Fagg, A. H., McGovern, A., Hougen, D. F., and Lane, T. Research Experiences for Undergraduates Site: Embedded Machine Learning Systems, National Science Foundation, 02/01/05 - 01/31/08, NSF-0453545

  • Real-Time Innovations University Program: NDDS, WaveSurf, and WaveScope licenses, 06/17/05-

  • D. F. Hougen, Q. Cheng, A. McGovern, Y. Dong, and A. H. Fagg Computer Science Graduate Fellowship Program, Graduate College and College of Engineering, University of Oklahoma, 08/06 - 05/15

  • Bion
    • University of Oklahoma: offices of the President and Vice President for Research; Research Council; Colleges of Engineering and Fine Art; Schools of Computer Science and Art, 12/22/05 - 12/31/06
    • Tilles Center installation was sponsored in part by Elliott Stroka, Director of the Institute of Arts and Culture, Hillwood Art Museum at Long Island University
    • Living Arts of Tulsa installation was supported in part by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

  • Component group of: CI-TEAM Demonstration Project: Cyberinfrastructure Education for Bioinformatics and Beyond, PIs: Henry J. Neeman, Bruce A. Roe, Dee Wu, Horst Severini, National Science Foundation,, 12/1/6 - 11/30/8, NSF-OCI-0636427

  • PulsePool
    • Turbulence
    • Boston Museum of Science

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