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Research Experiences for Undergraduates: Integrated Machine Learning Systems


Affiliated Faculty

Graduate Students

  • Leonard Wilson:
    • Assistive robots for aiding children at risk for Cerebral Palsy learn how to crawl
    • Kinematic reconstruction of infant limb and body movements
  • Sean McDonough:
    • Integrating 3D-printed circuitry and robotic fingers

Undergraduate Students

  • Bonnie Pope: Predicting the outcome of robot actions
  • Manu Kumar: Tracking 3D orientation of an inertial measurement unit in the presence of a varying magnetic field


  • Shamim Nemati (MIT)
  • David Goldberg (National Instruments)
  • Brian Watson (NASA/JSC)
  • Charles de Granville (Amazon)
  • Emmanuel Goossaert
  • Robert Lindsey
  • Nicole Doorly
  • Elyse Steiner
  • Joshua Gay
  • Rudy Sandoval
  • Samuel Bleckley
  • Rachel Shadoan
  • Derek Tingle
  • Daniel Fennelly
  • Alex Eisner
  • Dougal Southerland
  • Ryan Alley
  • Cynthia Andujar
  • Thomas Palmer (Rincon Research)
  • Kim Houck (UTA)
  • Matthew Bodenhamer
  • Di Wang (Universal Robotics)
  • Michael Craig
  • Joshua Southerland


  • Andrew G. Barto
  • Nicho Hatsopoulos
  • Lee Miller
  • Robert Rennaker
  • Adam Brown
  • Thubi Kolobe
  • David Miller
  • Lei Ding
  • Marc Slutzky
  • Beth Smith
  • Lauren Ethridge
  • Sesh Commuri
  • Karim Oweiss

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