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Faculty Mentors

Faculty mentors will collaborate with students on a research topic that is mutually of interest to both. They will meet on a regular basis to design and analyze algorithms, systems, and experiments, and to work together in the communication of their research results (both in oral presentations and in writing).

During the summer, students will participate full-time at either the University of Oklahoma or the University of New Mexico with one or more of the REU site faculty members. During the academic year, students will participate in activities on a part-time basis from their home institution (approximately 5 hours per week).

Students from institutions other than the University of Oklahoma and the University of New Mexico are required to identify an external faculty mentor. This mentor will be at their home institution and will perform mentoring duties during the academic year (and may continue to participate during the summer). Mentors are also invited to participate in the regular REU program meetings (approximately once every 3 weeks during the academic year, and once per week during the summer). More details can be found on our external mentor guideline page.

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