Office Hours

Andrew H. Fagg

Office location: Devon Energy Hall 243

CS 2334 TAs

Location: DEH 115

CS 2334 Office Hours

The CS tutors can offer general programming help, and not help specific to our class (e.g., Web-Cat). They also do not do grading or code reviews. The CS tutors meet in DEH 115.

Day Time Who
Monday 9:00-7:30pm CS Tutor
11:00-1:00 Monique Shotande
3:30-4:30 Andrew Fagg
Tuesday 10:30-7:30pm CS Tutor
9:30-12:00 Vishnu Medisetty
1:30-3:15 Stephen Thung
4:30-6:00 Sravani Veluru
Wednesday 9:00-7:30pm CS Tutor
10:00-12:30 Manvir Kaur
3:30-4:30 Andrew Fagg
Thursday Labs all day
10:30-7:30pm CS Tutor
Friday 8:00-10:30 Vishnu Medisetty
9:00-1:00pm CS Tutor
10:00-1:30 Manvir Kaur
11:30-3:30 Stephen Thung
2:00-6:00 Monique Shotande, Sravani Veluru
Sunday 12:30-7:00pm CS Tutor

Andrew H. Fagg